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Silent Parade
2h 10m Crime April 2023
ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x20 Film "Record of Memories"
2h 27m Music April 2023
Akira and Akira
2h 8m Drama March 2023
Whisper of the Heart
1h 54m Drama March 2023
Radiation House
1h 55m Drama February 2023
Shin Ultraman
1h 52m Action February 2023
Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Little Star Wars
1h 49m Animation January 2023
Yes, I Can't Swim
1h 53m Drama January 2023
My Boyfriend in Orange
2h 1m Drama December 2022
2h 30m Drama December 2022
Mr Osomatsu: Live Action Movie
1h 51m Comedy November 2022
1h 35m Drama November 2022
The Way of the Househusband: The Cinema
1h 58m Action October 2022
DEEMO Memorial Keys
1h 29m Animation October 2022
99.9 Criminal Lawyer THE MOVIE
2h 1m Action September 2022
The Confidence Man JP - Episode of the Hero
2h 7m Action August 2022
The Unnameable Dance
1h 55m Documentary August 2022
Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko
1h 37m Animation July 2022
The Mole Song - Undercover Agent Reiji - FINAL
2h 8m Action July 2022
Daughter of Lupin The Movie
1h 50m Action June 2022
Masquerade Night
2h 9m Crime May 2022
1h 48m Suspense May 2022