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Moon Man
2h 2m Comedy April 2023
1h 52m Drama April 2023
One Second
1h 44m Comedy April 2023
Detective Vs. Sleuths
1h 42m Action March 2023
One Week Friends
1h 46m Romance March 2023
Table for Six
1h 56m Comedy February 2023
Pretty Heart
1h 38m Drama February 2023
Mama's Affair
2h 7m Drama January 2023
Mozart from Space
2h 16m Comedy January 2023
Far Far Away
1h 35m Romance December 2022
Hello! Tapir
1h 29m Drama December 2022
Septet: The Story of Hong Kong
1h 53m Drama November 2022
Back to Love
1h 41m Drama November 2022
Schemes in Antiques
2h 3m Adventure October 2022
Don't Forget I Love You
2h 6m Romance October 2022
Nice View
1h 46m Comedy September 2022
Knock Knock
1h 47m Comedy September 2022
Be Somebody
2h 3m Comedy August 2022
I Am What I Am
1h 44m Animation August 2022
Railway Heroes
2h 4m Action July 2022
The First Girl I Loved
1h 33m Drama July 2022
Love After Love
2h 21m Drama June 2022
1h 37m Drama June 2022
Zero to Hero
1h 43m Biography May 2022
All About My Mother
2h 1m Drama May 2022