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Vettel: More Than a Champion

1h 0m Sport November 2023

RIGHTS: Worldwide

A documentary about 4-time Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

In 2022, he made the decision to retire after an incredible 15 years in the sport. With exclusive interviews from those who knew him best, we discover what makes this fascinating champion tick and learn about his mindset in becoming the very best.

Sebastian himself features, commenting on seminal stages of his career. The very highs & lows of Formula 1. His time in the sport wasn’t without controversy. Memorably, the Malaysia 2013 multi 2-1 incident and the infamous collision in Baku in 2017. But there were also huge highs, such as winning four consecutive titles and bringing Ferrari back to winning ways.

Vettel is a hugely principled man, who in recent years has stood up for causes such as human rights and the environment. Helping to shine a light on these issues using his platform. His passion for racing and the history of the sport always shines through. He has become a friend and confidant to many in the paddock, not just fellow drivers. This documentary delves not just to show the career of this great driver, but also the person behind the headlines.



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