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Tales from the Vault Season 1

7 Episodes Sport

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‘Tales from the Vault’ will dig deep into the archives to bring F1 stories to life and in each episode presenter Steve Rider will be joined by guests who have been at the centre of some of the sport’s most historic and controversial moments.


Episode 1: Teammates

1h 0m

Teammate rivalries have always played a part in F1 racing and host Steve Rider talks to legendary Formula 1 champion Nigel Mansell and team principal for Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner about teammates then and now.

Episode 2: Underdogs

1h 0m

Tales from the Vault shows that no matter how things change some things never do. In episode 2 host Steve Rider asks Damon Hill, John Watson and Williams Technical Director Pat Symonds what being an underdog means.

Episode 3: The Story of 1984

1h 0m

1984 was a pivital year in Formula 1 and the first truly dominant year in the modern era by a constructor. That constructor was McLaren and the car was the MP4/2.

Episode 4: Monaco

1h 0m

In episode 4 of Tales from the Vault we hear from some of the most iconic drivers in Formula 1 about one of the oldest and most romantic races in the history of F1: Monaco.

Episode 5: Lotus

1h 0m

Peter Windsor speaks with Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, Bob Dance, a former Team Lotus mechanic and with driver Johnny Herbert about one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula 1 racing.

Episode 6: British World Champions

1h 0m

Peter Windsor speaks to guests Nigel Mansel and Damon Hill about the 10 world champions in F1 from the United Kingdom. From Mike Hawthorne to Lewis Hamilton they pay tribute to the home of so many of the greatest drivers in F1 history.

Episode 7: Family Dynasties

1h 0m

In episode 7 of Tales from the Vault guests Damon Hill and Max Verstappen discuss family dynasties in Formula 1 and in motorsport for a live studio audience.

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