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The Curse Season 1

10 Episodes Comedy

RIGHTS: Worldwide

A newlywed couple struggles to make their vision for eco-living a reality in a small New Mexico town.


Episode 1: Land of Enchantment

1h 0m

After a blunder during a local news interview, newly married couple Whitney and Asher Siegel get diverted from filming their HGTV show.

Episode 2: Pressure’s Looking Good So Far

1h 0m

Whitney attempts to forge new alliances in the Espanola community while Asher tries to regain access to Whistling River Casino. Dougie goes on a date.

Episode 3: Questa Lane

1h 0m

The Siegels invest in a new property that turns out to be more work than they expected.

Episode 4: Under The Big Tree

1h 0m

Dougie struggles with a memory lapse while good news for Asher and Whitney is dampened by tensions in the neighborhood.

Episode 5: It's A Good Day

1h 0m

Whitney and Asher struggle to see eye-to-eye in the hunt for a homebuyer.

Episode 6: The Fire Burns On

1h 0m

Dougie and Whitney hatch a plan to spice up the show while Asher becomes increasingly aloof.

Episode 7: Self-Exclusion

1h 0m

Whitney and Cara become closer. Dougie senses opportunity when Asher’s past comes to light.

Episode 8: Down And Dirty

1h 0m

Asher and Dougie have a boys night out. Whitney explores her artistic side at a strange party.

Episode 9: Young Hearts

1h 0m

Whitney and Dougie reassess their plan after a visit from a network exec. The Siegels go bowling.

Episode 10: Green Queen

1h 0m

Months later…

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